“What?! I’m not stressed!”

As associated partners in the project “What?! I’m not stressed!” (NOTstressed), we contributed during the consultation process during the production of the intellectual outputs of the project. Erasmus+ Programme KA220-YOU …

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Digital Social Entrepreneurship of seniors and adults with different abilities

Motivation of partners in this project is to “equip” seniors and adults with disabilities with set of skills needed to work on personal development in fields of digital-social-entrepreneurial intelligence and creating (self-)employment opportunities proactively in today’s reality of employment uncertainty and the world of extinction of many known jobs and occupation now and even more in the future. With this project, we want our beneficiaries, seniors and adults with disabilities, to improve their digital social entrepreneurial skills, and we also aim to empower more adult educators for organising digital social entrepreneurial learning activities, in line with the newest updates.